Living life through social media photo filters…

Nowadays everything is plastered on social media, it’s nice to share our memories and photos with our loved ones ofcourse but how much of it is real.

I look back on Facebook’s “on this day” application where it shows you posts from that date but in previous years, and low and behold I’m guilty of plastering photos of my happy family.

I was desperate for not only everyone else to believe we had a loving happy relationship but for me to believe myself.

The photos are awful, I’m stick thin, no make up no effort gone into my appearance at all. In some there bruises and marks which bring back painful memories of our real relationship.

These people that plaster everything all over social media, how happy are they really?!

When I look around at my friend’s and family it’s often the ones that don’t post happy pictures and announce their date nights every week that are the happiest in their relationships

Author: wesurviveditall

twenty seven years old, survivor of an abusive relationship, mother to one brave, strong willed and loving little girl. Writing this blog for all those looking for answers or a way out, a little bit of reassurance that you can survive too.

One thought on “Living life through social media photo filters…”

  1. What a brutally honest and great post! Facebook can be so toxic when healing from abuse. I’ve culled so many friends and rarely log on because I don’t want to see all the fakery and bragging when I know that what I’m seeing isn’t real life. Good on you for being brave and seeing what role it played in covering up your own suffering. I’m really enjoying your blog, and wish you all the best in your healing.


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