My escape, for half an hour, a whole hour and sometimes more.

I run, I put my music in and I run. I’m free from being that victim, I’m free from worry and with no care for anything for that short period of time.

With still no answers to any of my questions, no light at the end of the tunnel the only bit of freedom I get at the minute is my running.

Its very therapeutic, I’m lucky enough to live close by to a picturesque area that is perfect for running, high up so I enjoy looking out to the surrounding towns and villages, watching the world go by.

Watching other people go about their business, with no idea of each of their stories.

Author: wesurviveditall

twenty seven years old, survivor of an abusive relationship, mother to one brave, strong willed and loving little girl. Writing this blog for all those looking for answers or a way out, a little bit of reassurance that you can survive too.

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