First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Day One.

Finally, I feel brave enough to speak out. Having battled with myself and inner demons for a long while after removing myself from an abusive relationship this is all a big deal for me.

I am 27 years old, for almost three years of my life I lived with a monster, someone that I had met and fallen in love with, someone I believed loved me and someone I let in.

Only now do I see that that person didn’t love me, he tortured me, he broke me down into such tiny pieces it’s taken years to put myself back together again.

This blog is for both men and women in either the same boat I’m in now, the boat I was in shortly after meeting him and questioning our relationship or the boat I hated most, the one I left him on. Whichever one you’re on, let’s travel together and help eachother along this long old journey. A journey I can finally see an end to and I can’t tell you how relieving that is to say ❤️

Author: wesurviveditall

twenty seven years old, survivor of an abusive relationship, mother to one brave, strong willed and loving little girl. Writing this blog for all those looking for answers or a way out, a little bit of reassurance that you can survive too.

7 thoughts on “First blog post”

  1. I’m so glad you’re sharing your story. I’m 49. Spent 5 years with him – dec of 2016 he lost his temper and threw me against the wall. He threw me with such force it permanently damaged my inner ear so even today I’m in rehab – I also have cognitive deficits and working on those as well. You’re brave and I’m glad you’re out – focus on yourself and what in you chose to love someone like him so you never ever make the same mistake.


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